Introduction to songXday

Have you ever made excuses for not following your "dreams" or "passions"? I certainly have. I have been reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and she talks about being vulnerable: how we admire those who act out of vulnerability but rarely muster up the courage to place ourselves in the it's crosshairs.

That's not to say that I feel particularly courageous. I simply feel like it's a worthwhile effort to pursue. Vulnerability is terrifying and offers no guarantee of success - or fulfillment for that matter.

I recently quit my safe, cool, "successful", job in pursuit of vulnerability and I'm confident I can't do it on my own. I'll bring the vulnerability, but I need you to bring the support, encouragement, and criticism.

I'm embarking on a songwriting campaign in October. To write a song everyday (Monday - Friday) for the month of October. I'm doing this to force my mind to create and then let go - not take an iterative approach as I often do in songwriting. Some days will surely be simple ambient/drone tunes, but my hope is to also sprinkle in some more advanced aspects and instrumentations.

It'll take a new level of vulnerability - and a new level of support.

Here's where I make the ask and call for action. 

Would you be willing to donate $1 for each day of this campaign? That’s $22
for 22 days of original music for you, and accountability to be vulnerable for
me. I didn't quit my job to make a bunch of money. I quit my job to find a new metric of success and fulfillment. Still, I need to value my creativity monetarily to make this
venture sustainable.

Here's what you'll get in return of your donation:

  1. Daily (Monday-Friday) songs to your inbox. Exclusive to supporters.
  2. Surprises along the way (procured meditations, previously unreleased sketches, and more).
  3. A personal thank you note.
  4. After the project is over, I'll be grouping the recordings together creating a special takeaway for all of the supporters. Exclusive to you. In the event I group these and sell them in the future, I'll include a note with a special thanks to anyone who has given support during this project - that's you!

Will you support me? If yes, here's how:

  1. Venmo me: @elijahbisbee (preferred method)
  2. Paypal me:
  3. Hangout with me and give me cash (I'll return the favor by buying your coffee)
  4. Send me a check (1916 West 44th St, Cleveland, OH 44113)
  5. Follow and share my story

I've decided to take this route rather than doing a Kickstarter or GoFundMe (or the countless other crowdfunding methods) because I want the donation to feel very personal for both of us. Yes, I'll be providing content for you, but you are very directly supporting me and only me. That's another level of vulnerability and pressure that I certainly want to feel.

Once you've sent your donation, I'll confirm your contact details and ensure you're on the distribution list for the daily songs. 

Lastly, THANK YOU for your support. Financially, emotionally, relationally, and unconditionally.


p.s. I've added a track below of a sketch I wrote over the course of about 2 hours. It gives an example of one type of track you can expect throughout the month. Enjoy!



Elijah Bisbee