Introduction to songXweek

October 2017 will go down as one of the most enriching months of my life.

Through the songXday campaign I've learned some important lessons in my pursuit of creating a sustainable life as a musician:

  • People are generous and loving - given the opportunity
  • Forming habits is hard - and rewarding
  • It's awesome to give creativity my first efforts - rather than the leftovers after a long day
  • It's still easy to make excuses
  • Cleveland musicians are the best people to collaborate and be in community with
  • Living a life that aligns you with your passion is significantly less stressful than the contrary

As the songXday campaign has been winding down, I've been thinking about my next steps. I've become pretty comfortable writing, recording, and releasing a song every day. I would actually be happy continuing that in November - but I don't think I would continue to learn as much and be pushed in the same way if I re-upped this campaign.

Also, I've started hearing this excuse in my head a little too much - "Well hey, I only have a day to do this, so how good can it actually be?" I think this could be chalked up to a lot of things, but the thing that matters is that I don't want to leave room for excuses. So, I'm excited to announce the evolution of the songXday project: songXweek.

My hope for songXweek is that I'm pushed even further than I have been for songXday. No room for excuses around not having enough time. It will also keep me accountable to continually work throughout the week to create the best possible product I can. Giving a song a week to ruminate, iterate, and develop is a great next step in my development. I still want/need boundaries and commitment to a specific delivery date.

Honestly, I'm significantly more terrified of this project than I was songXday. I didn't fully recognize what I was getting myself into with songXday - and that ignorance was awesome. songXweek will provide new challenges, opportunities, and successes. I can't wait to deepen my sense of vulnerability and share that with you.

I'm committing to write, record, and release 4 songs in November:

  1. Song 1 due by November 10
  2. Song 2 due by November 17
  3. Song 3 due by November 24
  4. Song 4 due by November 30

I have also started a Patreon page to help facilitate your generosity and support. They offer the ability for recurring support and can act as a hub for all of my creative endeavors. 

Would you consider valuing these songs at $5 each? That would equal $20 for the month of November. If you feel so inclined, you can sign up for monthly support and check out the different rewards with the different levels of contribution. If you choose the "Friend Level" or above, you'll get immediate access to the songXweek releases as they happen.

For any of you who were songXday supporters - you'll never fully understand my level of gratitude for your tangible encouragement. The trajectory I'm on and any momentum songXday created solely rests in your generosity. I think about you daily and often bask in my deep gratitude for each of you. If I could be so bold to ask for your continued support, wow, I'm just so grateful to have the opportunity and means to continue this journey with you.

To pledge your support, you can go straight to 

If Patreon isn't your thing - or you're not ready for recurring giving, you can still show your support by using:

  1. Venmo: @elijahbisbee
  2. Paypal:
  3. Hangout with me and give me cash (I'll return the favor by buying your coffee)

From the core of my being - thank you.


Elijah Bisbee