Envisioning your wedding

Option 1: Two-hour consultation with the couple

The consultation will include pre-work so that we can get to know you two as individuals and as a couple. We’ll go through several exercises during our time together to bring out what is most important to you and how you want to feel during the wedding. We will close the session with tactical exercises to set you on the right path for planning.

Option 2: Two-hour consultation with the couple and two-hour consultation with parents

This option includes an additional session with the parents. For those families who will be deeply involved in the wedding planning process, it can be helpful to align everyone at the start. While we will encourage the focus to remain on the wedding couple, we recognize that this is also an incredibly important moment for the parents. The consultation with the parents allows additional ideas to be spoken early and incorporated mindfully.

Planning consultations

Sorting through all the to-do's and list upon list of must-do's can be overwhelming. We offer one or two-hour consultations to help you re-focus on what will make your wedding meaningful and memorable.

Post-wedding consultations

Many newlyweds experience wedding withdrawal. We offer one or two-hour consultations to transition your attention and intention to the next great project: your marriage.

Our fees

Our fees are simple: $100 for every hour we spend with you or for you before, or after, your wedding.